bantu knot out 

Yesterday, I flew down to Atlanta to witness the marriage of one of my remarkable high school friends. I had to do something with my hair… but what? Straight and down just wouldn’t do.

I needed a simple, yet lasting style. I was unimpressed with my last rollersetting attempt (wrong  sized curlers? Too much or too little product?) so I decided to do a bantu knot out. 

I haven’t done bantu knots in my hair in years. And, it’s too bad because the results are the big super curly hair that I like! Also, the beauty is that I was able to do the bantu knots Thursday morning and leave them in until Friday afternoon. I donned a scarf on the plane to protect the do and hide the knots (they aren’t attractive as a final style on me).

Final look… loved it! Next time though, I think I’ll pull my curls into an up-do.

It’s day 2 and the curls are still fresh! 


an up-do… go big or go home

For a few days, I experimented with a bold look! I kept this style in for all of about 4 days. It was cute… but a bit too bold for me. My hair is so thick that braiding the hair up and forward resulted in a huge, towering bulge in the front.

Concerned about whether this look is work appropriate, I posted the following in a sisterlocks FB group:

“Hi ladies, is this style too edgy for a financial services comany or is it still professional? TIA.

ETA 9/27: I did it… rocked this ‘do at my company’s office yesterday and went to my client today. My coworkers loved the style and said it’s not too edgy. I think it helped that I over compensated by dressing  very conservative- blouse, pencil skirt, pumps. I also think the people who seemed to notice most were folks I work with who know my usual goto style is usually no style at all.  Only time will tell if folks felt otherwise (i.e. if feedback gets back to me from other sources that says otherwise) but based on yesterday and today I didn’t get any response that suggested my hair was unprofessional in any way.

Thanks so much for everyone’s words of encouragement/advice! It was the confidence boost I needed. :)”

The outpouring of support in terms of likes and over 250 likes/reactions and 50 comments was awesome. 

Two years later…

Wow, well, I suppose it’s been a while. #sorrynotsorry… I’ve been a little busy ūüôā

Over the past two years, I’ve gone from this:


(August 2014)

to this:


(October/November 2014)

to this:


(August 2016)

I wish I could say my hair looked like this every day:


(Friend’s Wedding, May¬†2016)

But who am I kidding, it’s definitely more like this:


(September 2016)

I’m still sisterlocked and loving it. And, from the photos I see that my hair has grown quite a bit.

But, boy am I in a style rut. I only have one little one but I am tired (I blame my job, not child.) For the¬†second half of this year, I’ve refocused myself on:

  • growing back my edges! (Extended breastfeeding and my lack of consistently taking vitamins have done a number of my post-partum shedding…)
  • getting rid of build up (I was horrified to see how much build up accumulated in the last few rows of my hair. Clearly, I wasn’t using enough time to rinse, rinse, rinse. Thankfully my case of build up isn’t the worst I’ve seen (from pics online) and I am getting it under control.
  • going back to being IN LOVE with sisterlocks. Learning quick styles so I can style my hair more often; get my hair done in between retightenings by a hair stylist. Like this style here… Yes, I was totally feeling the look!


    (August 2016, 5.5 years sisterlocked)



No Poo / All Natural Regimen – Week 1 – 3 Days Later

I owe this blog some pictures, I know. But to provide a quick recap… 3 days later, I’m still very pleased with the baking soda/vinegar results. No build up after my hair dried. My scalp doesn’t look dry. My hair looks refreshed– no grayish tint.

It’s cheap. It’s easy. If this works out in the long run, I’d give up commercial shampoos/conditioners and never look back! (Well, never say never…)

No Poo / All Natural Regimen – Week 1

Sunday night, I gave my no poo routine a try.* I mixed the baking soda/water and ACV/water into two separate Poland Spring-like water bottles with the little spout thingies (for easy application) , and brewed some tea into a wide plastic bowl.


With the baking soda wash, I felt an immediate difference. My hair/scalp felt squeaky clean… reminiscent of using clarifying shampoo on relaxed hair with that stripped feeling.

I applied the watery mixture to my scalp (parting my hair front to back in small sections), rubbed, and let the excess fun down my strands.

I rinsed like crazy and then applied the ACV rinse in the same way. The ACV rinse soften my hair without feeling mushy as it did on most recent washes.

After rinsing like crazy again, I poured the black tea mixture on my hair for a final rinse.

My hair felt strong; not mushy and stringy. It looked a lot less fuzzy (though still fuzzier than I would  likeРhoping this can be corrected over time). And finally, no evidence of build. I even did the scalp scratch test- no build up or gray flakes.

<< pic coming >>

Towel dried, put in some medium braids for a braid-out, and now I’m sitting under the dryer– can’t go to bed with a wet head.

Crossing my fingers that when my hair and scalp finish drying that my scalp and hair remain clear of any evidence of lingering build up.

*Apparently, this wasn’t my first go at a baking soda wash. I tried it once before back in 2012, enjoyed the results but didn’t keep up with it… ¬†I now realize that ACV rinse without the baking soda wash (which is what I’ve continued to do over the years) doesn’t hold up over time.¬†