an up-do… go big or go home

For a few days, I experimented with a bold look! I kept this style in for all of about 4 days. It was cute… but a bit too bold for me. My hair is so thick that braiding the hair up and forward resulted in a huge, towering bulge in the front.

Concerned about whether this look is work appropriate, I posted the following in a sisterlocks FB group:

“Hi ladies, is this style too edgy for a financial services comany or is it still professional? TIA.

ETA 9/27: I did it… rocked this ‘do at my company’s office yesterday and went to my client today. My coworkers loved the style and said it’s not too edgy. I think it helped that I over compensated by dressing  very conservative- blouse, pencil skirt, pumps. I also think the people who seemed to notice most were folks I work with who know my usual goto style is usually no style at all.  Only time will tell if folks felt otherwise (i.e. if feedback gets back to me from other sources that says otherwise) but based on yesterday and today I didn’t get any response that suggested my hair was unprofessional in any way.

Thanks so much for everyone’s words of encouragement/advice! It was the confidence boost I needed. :)”

The outpouring of support in terms of likes and over 250 likes/reactions and 50 comments was awesome. 



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