Hair Inspirations

I am motivated by the progress and excitement that fellow sisterlock sisters share on their blogs and youtube.

  • Jae- A Sisterlock Experience — Started her sisterlocks Feb 2011 (just a few weeks after me!) with very short hair (like me!) It’s obvious why her blog inspires me. Check out her blog.
  • Terez’s Sisterlock— Started her sisterlock journey a few months before me. Her blog posts are always positive and informative. Check out her website.
  • CurlyNuGrowth— Started her sisterlock journey a few months before, and with much, much longer har, but I enjoy watching and learning from her vlogs. Keep ’em coming, please!
  • Kreyola Locks— Her blog is just chockful of information. Can’t wait to try out some of the styles she posted. Check out her blog here.

* If anyone wants me to remove them from my hair inspiration page, just leave a comment and I’ll remove it ASAP. 


One thought on “Hair Inspirations

  1. Thank you so much for mentioning me in your post! it’s always flattering to know that someone else acknowledges the simple things.

    Thank you again. And I have enjoyed reading your blog as well.


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