6 months down…

I almost missed posting on my 6-month-versary with sisterlocks!

And, how fitting is it that yesterday I had my 5th re-tightening, and was wearing my “I Got 99 Problems But a Perm Ain’t One” T-Shirt (all of which was unplanned!).

Too bad I didn’t take any great photos… the ones I do have, I look crazy! In one of the photos, my hair looks a bit flat because I believe I had just woken up from a nap. Ah well, here they go:

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On $$, Re-Tightenings, Free Styling, and Loving My Locks

Financial Check-In
For the past two years, I’ve set a financial budget for my hair.
For this year, considering the cost of sisterlocks, I originally expected to spend no more than $1400 from Jan-Dec 2011. This includes the costs of the installation ($550) + 7 retightenings.

Well, it’s July 21 and I’ve already spent $910 and I expect I will have at least 5 more retightenings this year. At an average 100 bucks a pop for the reti’s, I should be within $100 or so of my budget. Sweet.

On average, I’ve gotten my hair retightened every 5 weeks. Originally, I was concerned about my ends looking fuzzy and thought it would be best to get my hair retightened more often. I realize now that the fuzziness of my ends has a lot more to do with how I wash my hair and tie it up before working out than it does with retightenings. Going forward, I’m going to stretch the retightenings to 6-7 weeks.

Free Styling
I really enjoy freestyling. Not doing anything to my hair but shaking and going. It feels as if my ends may finally be settling into the budding process. All that pulling and curling I was doing have definitely retarded that process. Also, I find that my hair doesn’t really look fuzzy in an unkempt way. Washing it once a week (braiding AND double banding) definitely freshens up my hair (if I go much longer than that it begins looking dull, gray).

Loving My Locks
I think I’m finally settling into loving my sisterlocks. I never “hated” them before but I was resistant/ignorant to the locking process. I didn’t like how, though I started with natural hair, I had so much fuzzy ends left unlocked. As my hair is growing out and I am adjusting my maintenance process, I am owning the sisterlock look.