Proper Status Photos.

For the next couple of weeks, I’m going to give washing and going a try. As in double band before washing, but refrain from curling, twisting, braiding my hair as much as I have the past few months. Though, I will need to braid/twist it often before working out 2-3 times a week… hmm. Anyhoo, let’s see if that will help the locking process along.

These photos were taken last night after washing my hair. I didn’t twist the locks to stretch them out so the shrinkage is major.

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Double Banding.

Today, in preparation for washing my hair, I doubled banded each section… one rubber band in the middle/where I felt most of the loc’d portion of my hair just ended… and one closer to the top where I felt a few other strands of loc’d hair ended. Hopefully this will help keep the unraveling at bay? Crossing my fingers.

Sisterlocks. 5 months and counting…

It’s been a long 5 months with sisterlocks. I have a love/annoyed relationship with my hair. I love the aspects of having sisterlocks… but I’m soo annoyed with this locking phase. It’s like the “storming” and “forming” phase of Tuckman’s Stages of Group Development.

Help my sisterlocks are unraveling!
It doesn’t help that my locks are unraveling from the top– meaning that the natural but unlocked ends are nowhere near any closer to locking than they were 5 months ago. I’ve braided and banded before each wash — except for that one time that I didn’t braid because my SL consultant said it was unnecessary.

I asked my SL consultant about the effects of working out. She said there is none but I’m self-diagnosing my hair. When I work out, I sweat… a lot. I didn’t think to braid and band before workouts in the past but going forward… well, if submitting myself to wearing bantu knots at the gym and while running doesn’t quell my ends from unraveling, I don’t know what will and may be compelled to consider taking down the locks.

Still excited about the potential.
Despite all those feelings, I am still excited for the potential of my hair for when it does lock. My fiance suggested I take up blogging so that I could be more aware of the progress I’m making. I admit. I could be oblivious.

Photos taken over the past 5 months