bantu knot out 

Yesterday, I flew down to Atlanta to witness the marriage of one of my remarkable high school friends. I had to do something with my hair… but what? Straight and down just wouldn’t do.

I needed a simple, yet lasting style. I was unimpressed with my last rollersetting attempt (wrong  sized curlers? Too much or too little product?) so I decided to do a bantu knot out. 

I haven’t done bantu knots in my hair in years. And, it’s too bad because the results are the big super curly hair that I like! Also, the beauty is that I was able to do the bantu knots Thursday morning and leave them in until Friday afternoon. I donned a scarf on the plane to protect the do and hide the knots (they aren’t attractive as a final style on me).

Final look… loved it! Next time though, I think I’ll pull my curls into an up-do.

It’s day 2 and the curls are still fresh! 



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