Two years later…

Wow, well, I suppose it’s been a while. #sorrynotsorry… I’ve been a little busy ­čÖé

Over the past two years, I’ve gone from this:


(August 2014)

to this:


(October/November 2014)

to this:


(August 2016)

I wish I could say my hair looked like this every day:


(Friend’s Wedding, May┬á2016)

But who am I kidding, it’s definitely more like this:


(September 2016)

I’m still sisterlocked and loving it. And, from the photos I see that my hair has grown quite a bit.

But, boy am I in a style rut. I only have one little one but I am tired (I blame my job, not child.) For the┬ásecond half of this year, I’ve refocused myself on:

  • growing back my edges! (Extended breastfeeding and my lack of consistently taking vitamins have done a number of my post-partum shedding…)
  • getting rid of build up (I was horrified to see how much build up accumulated in the last few rows of my hair. Clearly, I wasn’t using enough time to rinse, rinse, rinse. Thankfully my case of build up isn’t the worst I’ve seen (from pics online) and I am getting it under control.
  • going back to being IN LOVE with sisterlocks. Learning quick styles so I can style my hair more often; get my hair done in between retightenings by a hair stylist. Like this style here… Yes, I was totally feeling the look!


    (August 2016, 5.5 years sisterlocked)