On Sunday, I was on my way back from a week vacationing in Mexico to celebrate 6 months married to the hubby. The vacation was fantastic– will share some photos later.

However, on the way back I was selected (again) to go through the advanced imaging technology screening process. This time, the TSA officer checked my hair!

I understand tight security measures are necessary. I do. But I am curious as to how people are randomly selected to go through the AIT screening, and how do they determine who should get a hair search…

My sister (who has longer sisterlocks), my cousin (who was wearing a curly afro wig), and myself who has shorter sisterlocks have all been selected for this screening. (All on different occasions/trips. We were not travelling together.)

I am doing an informal poll on facebook and so far black/natural hair women are in the lead for hair searches…

I hate to make issues into a black/white thing but I truly feel singled out. A white woman in front of me, who also went through the AIT, had a long, THICK, curly ponytail. Think “little girl from Boondocks” type of volume in her ponytail. Her hair was not searched. She could’ve easily have been hiding seven razors in there.

The positive side is that at least this TSA officer had an opportunity to see just how nice and soft locks/natural hair can be.


Hey Bud…

I’ve answered my question: No more braiding and banding.

I’m freeing myself from the worries about whether my hair is or isn’t locking as fast as I would like. I’m accepting the different stages my hair will go through and will concentrate more on styling and keeping my hair looking fresh during wake-up-n-go’s.

I mean, that’s why I got sisterlocks in the first place: manageability, versatility, and freedom!

I decided: Gosh darn it… if my consultant says my hair is locked and gives me the green light to wash freely… And, if my husband, who has been such a good sport about closely inspecting the differences between the locks in the middle of my haid versus the edges, says my hair is locked, then so be it.

I’ve been freaking out and discouraged this whole time about my locks… not realizing or willing to comprehend (I can be so dunce) that my hair is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do at this time. I’m in the budding phase. I’m not sure how long this will last but it’s time for me to hold tight and enjoy the ride.

What this means for me is:

  •  No more braiding and banding.
  • I’m getting a black rinse at my next retightening (I missed the jet black color so badly!)
  • I’m branching out from the sisterlocks shampoo. (Note: The SL starter shampoo is not bad by any means necessary. Instead of paying a ton of money for the shampoo + shipping/handling, I’d rather find something that works at a nearby store. Suave Clarifying Shampoo seems to get good feedback on the Sisterlocks Yahoo Group. Plus, for my last wash, I experimented with using Head & Shoulders (concentrated on my scalp) and didn’t experience any negative side effects.)

Oh, and I plan to ask for a grooming at my next retightening…. see if my consultant can trim away some of those frizzies.


(This is a shot of two locks — one from the side (left) which is tighter and feels more “locked” when touched, the other (right) that is bigger, the look blends in with the curly q’s from a distance but looks very similar to the other (left) lock when close up, but is squishier to the touch (budding phase). All locks could use some grooming along the sides!)

random musings

It’s been a little while… I’m still here. Lurking. Reading other people’s blogs. Checking out styles. But I’m not really doing much with my hair.

ACTUALLY… my one year anniversary with sisterlocks came and went without much of a peep. It’s exciting to say it’s been a year… but my hair is still so far from being locked. So, I have mixed feelings about this milestone.

I’ve been using ACV with every wash, and I’m back to using the Getting Started Shampoo (heavily diluted). My hair is soft… too soft? Who knows. My scalp still gets quite a bit of build-up. (Then again, that could be because I went two weeks without shampooing… yea, that sounds about right, eek!)

Instead of using my satin cap, I’ve primarily (this week at least) pushed my hair up (like in a ponytail but without using a rubber band or bobby pins… make sense?) and wrapped my traditional satin scarf on my head. Somehow, this helped my hair keep the crinkles from going flat… even after a night at Zumba where I sweat out of control.

Welp, that’s all the time I have. Perhaps there’ll be more interesting developments soon. 🙂

my thoughts on the sisterlocks brand

Terez of Naturalicious Hair blog recently posted about an experience she had with Sisterlocks company and their response to the re-tightening video she posted on youtube (read her post here: My Sisterlocks Re-Tightening Video Got Shut Down!).

I got so worked up reading about what the Sisterlocks company said to her. I love my sisterlocks but the Sisterlocks company is going about protecting their brand in the wrong way.

To me, “sisterlocks” is a proprietary eponym for microlocks/interlocks… like kleenex is for tissue. It’s just easier to use that term because everyone knows it and it sounds better than microlocks.

It’s great to feel like the initial install is legit because your consultant was “certified.” But, the interlocking system as a whole… how can it be trademarked?

The tool, the products, the materials they use in the class… sure, they can be trademarked. The specific terminology may possibly be trademarked as well. But not the interlocking process. That’s ridiculous… it’s like trying to trademark braids!

My consultant took the training class but didn’t follow through with the certification process (I’m assuming she didn’t want to keep up with the fees associated with that). Does that mean I don’t have “sisterlocks”?

Because of this nonsense, I refuse to pay the $250 fee for the re-tightening class. But I WILL learn how to re-tighten my own hair. And, I’ll continue to call my hair sisterlocks. (Unless I decided to come up with my own cool name like Nihu did –

Okay, whew… Cue end of rant. 🙂