to stay locked or not… that is the question.

Last week I had a revelation that I would just take down my sisterlocks. I was/am frustrated that it’s so dry, frizzy… that my locs are teeny-tiny in the front and much bigger in the crown and back… that my locks are bumpy and not consistent all around… there were a number of reasons. I felt that perhaps I just didn’t have the best start and should restart the experience with a fresh set.

Cutting my hair all off at this point was not an option– I passed through the short-hair-don’t-care phase and was committed to taking down all my locs, no matter how long it took. Soo committed that I started washing my hair with moisturizing shampoos (did this for 2 washes) and experimented with taking down a few locks in the back and one on the side before I engaged friends to help. I even purchased Better Braids Unbraid, which another sisterlock blogger said was a godsend when she was taking down her locks.

Now, “what had happened was”…. When the Better Braids Unbraid finally came in the mail (I couldn’t find it in local stores) I decided to experiment again with taking down another sisterlock along the front side. These locks along the front are so incredibly tiny so I was using these locs to determine whether this lock takedown plan was even feasible. The Better Braids Unbraid was helping the unlocking process, however, the base of the lock was so… weak, I guess? from being so tiny?… that I barely tugged at it and it pulled out! At that moment I thought, I would hate to spend so many hours/days/weeks unlocking my hair just for the front ones to snap!

With that, I had another mind shift. Worried that taking down my sisterlocks will do more harm than good, I’m going to give my hair another 6 more months and then decide if I want to keep the locks. If the answer is no, my next step would be to grow out my hair until I’m ready to cut them out.

Prior to making this decision, my sisterlock consultant, understanding of my frustration with my hair, referred me to another loctician who also specializes in lock takedown. I met with Karen (the takedown specialist) at her home today. On the phone, she told me she would keep it real with me and let me know if she thought my concerns about my hair are unwarranted… completely natural/understandable, but unwarranted nonetheless. I met with her for about 30 minutes. She said my hair is totally fine… She does agree that there are more loose ends than she would deem necessary but if I would just fight through this phase, I will see the sunshine at the end of the tunnel (my words, not hers, LOL).

She suggested doing more styling (braidouts, curling) to mask my texture issues (the fat ends and frizziness) and to have something else hair-related to focus on. She also recommended using the SL Green Tea or Salon Formula Shampoo and the Sisterlocks Reconstructor. This will combat the dry-ness without causing my hair to unravel.

So, that’s how I’ve come full circle on this issue on whether to remain locked or not. I haven’t styled my hair in so long, I don’t know where to begin… but I’m excited to start.

P.S. Funny how the week I’m gung-ho about taking down my locs I feel like more of my ends are/have sealed!