about me.

Ahh, so you’ve stumbled on my hair journey, I see.

Well, my story probably isn’t that much different from anyone else’s but that doesn’t stop me from telling it!

I started a hair blog back in Jan08/Dec07, at the peak of my hair care. My hair was long… brushing past bra strap and lookeg great straight or curly. It was relaxed.

Before that, starting from waaaaayyyy back (pre-teen years) I’ve gone from my tom boyish days of wearing braids all the time (mama,why you let me out the house like that???)… to trying to maintain a relax ‘do on low funds (and no hair education)… to asking friends and family to do my hair because I hated the sight of wet hair in the bathtub (I probably didn’t wash my own hair for the first time till I was close to 18)… to letting a friend of mine press my hair with a hot comb (yea, the one you cook on the stove)… to finally going natural for a full 2 and a half years (sporting braid extensions and twists)… to relaxing my hair in 2005. From 2005-2007, my hair has thrived in its relaxed state.

And, then business school came along in fall 2007. As much as I tried, I just couldn’t keep on top of maintaining great hair with full-time work, b-school, friends, and trying to keep hair care costs to a minimum.

Since starting my first hair blog years ago…

my hair has grown, grown, grown… and then begin to shed and break… leading to a pretty significant cut… despite some issues, my hair grew back some…

but then I got busy with work/school and abandoned the blog for a bit…

during this time I just really got tired of having relaxed hair… and started considering sisterlocks…

put my hair in extension braids to help with the transition…

abandoned transitioning and went for the “big chop”…

rocked the ‘fro for 9.5 months and then joined the sisterlock community…

Which leads me to where I am today: Growing my hair long in Sisterlocks.  🙂


3 thoughts on “about me.

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    • Hi! The white mesh rollers I saw used in salons are plastic.

      However, I purchased a while back pink wire rollers, which were more difficult to use.

      You could also use the plastic non mesh rollers with clips, which are great once you get the hang of them.

      Hope this helps!! 🙂


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