No Poo / All Natural Regimen – Week 1

Sunday night, I gave my no poo routine a try.* I mixed the baking soda/water and ACV/water into two separate Poland Spring-like water bottles with the little spout thingies (for easy application) , and brewed some tea into a wide plastic bowl.


With the baking soda wash, I felt an immediate difference. My hair/scalp felt squeaky clean… reminiscent of using clarifying shampoo on relaxed hair with that stripped feeling.

I applied the watery mixture to my scalp (parting my hair front to back in small sections), rubbed, and let the excess fun down my strands.

I rinsed like crazy and then applied the ACV rinse in the same way. The ACV rinse soften my hair without feeling mushy as it did on most recent washes.

After rinsing like crazy again, I poured the black tea mixture on my hair for a final rinse.

My hair felt strong; not mushy and stringy. It looked a lot less fuzzy (though still fuzzier than I would  like– hoping this can be corrected over time). And finally, no evidence of build. I even did the scalp scratch test- no build up or gray flakes.

<< pic coming >>

Towel dried, put in some medium braids for a braid-out, and now I’m sitting under the dryer– can’t go to bed with a wet head.

Crossing my fingers that when my hair and scalp finish drying that my scalp and hair remain clear of any evidence of lingering build up.

*Apparently, this wasn’t my first go at a baking soda wash. I tried it once before back in 2012, enjoyed the results but didn’t keep up with it…  I now realize that ACV rinse without the baking soda wash (which is what I’ve continued to do over the years) doesn’t hold up over time. 



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