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in need of new regimen, styling tips, and self re-tightening tips

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I sure did. I received a wonderful word from my pastor about how Christmas is a rescue story– one of hope and faith. Not  about gift giving and a baby Jesus.

I digress.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my sisterlocks recently. Particularly, I have been thinking about how I need a new regimen to care for my hair considering how much I work out, my goal to extend the time between retightenings, and the fact that I am now taking hair/nail growth pills.

Exercising: From working out, I get a lot of build up on my scalp. Washing every two weeks isn’t cutting it. I’m definitely increasing my wash schedule to once a week. But I’m concerned that may not cut it either. Today, I am experimenting with rinsing my hair. I did my best to cornrow my hair last night.

Cornrow Attempt-Dec26.2011

Today, I’m working from home and did a quick  rinse focusing on my scalp (using the spray on the kitchen sink) and let my hair airdry (without taking down the braids) . Any suggestions for maintaining sisterlocks with a rigorous exercise routine? I’ve been concerned about all the sweat or frequent washings slowing down the maturing/locking process.

Re-tightenings and Hair Pills: I am more and more curious about learning to self re-tightening– Not my entire head; just the front to keep up a neat appearance. But I am NOT interested in paying $250 to learn. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be doing some internet sleuthing to learn the best way to approach this.

Styling: Finally, I would also like to experiment with styling more.  But, my ends are just so darn fuzzy and soft, that I’m concerned any curls would look like a dry half curled ‘fro. I’ve said it before, and at risk of sounding like a broken record, I’ll say it again… once my fuzzy ends mature into locs, I’m confident I’ll have more styling options. (My wedding day hair looked gorgeous, but I’m concerned about manipulating my hair to that extent too frequently.) Today, for about an hour, I considered purchasing Nappy-N-Happy’s Sea Salt Spray Loc Accelerator… but I couldn’t bring myself to click the purchase button. Anyone sisterlock’d sistas use that product with success? Any other advice for styling despite the fuzzy ends? 

Inspired. A New Style: Fold & Tuck

Last night I styled my hair. I’ve free-styled 90% of the time for at least the past 8 months or so. The styling I have done is limited to pinning my hair back and doesn’t involve much manipulation.

Note: I don’t include braidouts after washing a style. It’s just an outcome of braiding and banding, really.

Today my company has a holiday party, so I wanted to do something a little bit different with my hair.

Inspired by this tutorial of the Fold and Tuck (done on loose natural hair), I decided I wanted to fold and tuck my locs.

So, I folded, tucked, and pinned my hair last night. Took less than 15 minutes; didn’t involve pulling at the roots or ends; and is pretty easy. The challenge was getting the “rolls” to look straight/uniform.

Whaddaya think? (Disclaimer: these pics were taken around midnight so pardon the “sleepy-eyed, no-make up, I-should’ve-been-asleep-hours-ago” look.) (Disclaimer # 2: I need a new camera…)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thankfully, the style held up overnight so it wasn’t a wasted effort. The only difference with the actual ‘do for today is that, before going to bed, I braided those loose ends in the front for a crinkle curl effect in the morning. Also, this morning, I brushed flat those beady-bees, lol.

Status Pic – December 2012

I started taking my hair vitamins and multivitamin today. As promised, here are some status pics.

Then — January 2011…
wow, my hair was short!

Sisterlocks Installation – Day 1

Now — December 2011



It’s hard to gauge the “real” length of my hair considering how springy it is. But, these will do. As much as I say my hair hasn’t grown much this past year, these pics tell a different story!

** Updated **

Today I had my last retightening appointment for the year. The night before every hair appointment, I wash my hair (being sure to scrub my scalp for patches of build-up). I still braid and band in sections before washing since my hair isn’t fully locked. After washing, I let my hair dry a little bit, still in the braids/bands. I then take down the braids, and re-braid my hair in smaller sections to “stretch” my hair out a bit.

Here are a few pics post re-tightening, with my stretched out hair. I look oh so tired, but ah well.

Post Re-Ti-Dec 10, 2011

Post Re-Ti- Dec 10, 2011

Post Re-Ti (back)- Dec 10, 2011