$$ spent in 2010

I am determined NOT to spend a bucket load of money on my hair every again. For the past few years, I am roughly guesstimating that I spent nearly $1,000 annually on my hair (relaxer every 2 months, wash/set at salon every 2 months (if not more), plus the cost of products (some of which  didn’t use up completely)). Yikes!

No more. Going forward, I refused to spend that much on my hair. (Until I’m ready to get sisterlocks…)

For 2010, I am budgeting $600 $500 (updated 4/2/2010) for hair-related expenses.

Here’s what I am anticipating:

  • 3 salon visits costing about $60 (wash, blowdry, trim, treatment, and tip);
  • up to 5 kinky twist sets costing about $50 (cost of hair + tip to my friend who does my hair for free) I’m now not so sure that I will have my hair twisted this often. I need to learn to do my ‘do!
  • some money left over for that extra salon visit or to replenish products

I decreased my budget on April 2 in anticipation of my big chop on April 3. I figured it would be great if I could get away with spending less than $100 a quarter. I kept an extra $100 in the budget to cover accessories… I will need to be better about “accessorizing” short hair.

I’ll track my hair-related expenditures here.

$11.50,     Extra Virgin Coconut Oil,       February 2010
$17.65,     Cassia Powder 2 100g packs, February 2010
$52,          Salon Visit,                                 February 2010
$11.50      Comb, Hair Clips, Elastic Hair Band, February 2010
$4.43       Annual Membership Fee for Boston’s Natural Hair MeetUp Group, February 2010
$6.99       Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo, February 2010
$3.99       ORS Replenishing Pak (Box of 3), February 2010
$75           Wash, BIG CHOP, and Tw0-Strand Twist, April 2010
$2.99       Eocstyler with Olive Oil, April 2010 (Sally’s Beauty Supply), April 2010
$4.29       ORS Nature’s Shine Oil Blend (Sally’s Beauty Supply), April 2010
$0.94       Applicator Brush (Sally’s Beauty Supply), April 2010
$0.99       Bobby Pins, (Sally’s Beauty Supply), April 2010
$4.38       Satin Bonneyt, (Sally’s Beauty Supply), April 2010
$5.00       Sally’s Beauty Supply Card, April 2010 — okay, this was a truly unnecessary purchase
$3.34       Garnier Fructis Fortifying Cream Conditioner Triple Nutrition (Walgreens), April 2010
$3.33       Aussie Moist 3-Minute Miracle (Walgreens), April 2010
$3.99       Headbands (Walgreens), April 2010
$2.50       Garnier Fructis Leave-In Conditioner (CVS), April 2010
$5.29       Hair Clips (CVS), April 2010 — I thought it was on sale and didn’t realize it wasn’t until I got home, UGH!
$20.95    16 oz Golden African Shea Butter
$26.94    African Black Soap Shampoo Kit

Running total: $216.11

(April 7, 2010– short-term goal: To not go exceed $250 before June 30, 2010.) UPDATE: I made it from April 2010 to June 14, 2010 without buying an hair products. Go me!


8 thoughts on “$$ spent in 2010

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  2. Hi! I purchased it on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000CLUOAS) but hope to find some organic coconut oil in the stores… maybe Trader Joes or Whole Foods, hopefully. I don’t mind spending $10 for 16oz but the additional cost of shipping makes it not worth buying online. (I had free shipping this time around.)

    Btw, your hair is growing nicely! Is the garlic juice helping the shedding?

  3. Let’s not kid ourselves. 😉 You are not saving money with natural hair. By 12/31/10, you will see that you’ve spent darn near close to what you used to spend for your relaxed mane. U’ve spent $100+ for the month of February ALONE! No hate, just facts!

    I’ve been natural for 13 months and TRUST, I have not saved buckets of money. Natural Hair products are priced at a premium. For example, you need a small loan to buy Miss Jessie’s & Carol’s Daughter products. Almost no product costs less than $20 each.

    Oh well, I am planning my re-entry back into the world of relaxed & healthy tresses.

  4. @Hidaya You may or may not be right. But, that’s why I’m keeping tabs on my expenses… to keep track of every dollar spent on my hair, and to try to force myself to stay within a budget. I may have to bump my budget back up to $600 but I will not spend anywhere near the $800+ I spent maintaining relaxed hair (I refuse!).

    Relaxed or natural, I suggest everyone try this out.

    If I was relaxing my hair, I would’ve likely have spent $230 along no salon services (two touch-ups, two wash/sets) + $$ “who knows how much” on products.

    To date, I’ve spent less than $250 on my hair. See blog here (https://hairgrease.wordpress.com/2010/04/06/new-hair-new-products-taking-inventory/) about new products I bought to jump start my all natural routine. I will add these expenses to this list within the next few days.

    Other than the replenishing products on that list, I don’t intend to buy any new products until June.

    Please keep checking back on my progress! =)

  5. I’m lovin your blog..after hitting the organic food store to try more oils I read about online, I realize I need to get hair spending in check. And for 2011 I want to spend less time and $$ on my hair..including the hours online! you’ve inspired me to track my expenses as well..starting today. I’m with ya sista!! yes, natural hair care can be expensive.. But don’t go back to to the creamy crack!

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