consultant update, perhaps the beginnings of a new regimen

I spent months 12-20 of being sisterlocked (Jan-Oct 2012 of being sisterlocked) worried that my hair wasn’t settling right and venturing out for second, third, and fourth opinions about my hair. I ultimately did end up trying out a new consultant (the fourth “opinioner”); however, that didn’t last too long (about 2-3 retightenings?) until I found my way back home to my original consultant.

Now, my original consultant is moving out of town and I have found myself on the hunt for a replacement! I didn’t reach out to these other consultants for a couple of reasons- #2: took all day to do retightenings (I don’t have the patience nor the time to sit around in the chair); #3: has enough clients already; and #4 (the fourth “opinoner”): could’ve worked out… but I always felt like she was overwhelmed by the # of locs/thickness of my hair. Bumping up the price on me via email was the last straw.

I took to the sisterlocks registry and started making a few calls/emails. I’ve connected with one sisterlocks consultant who seems like she will be a good match. (Random fact: I’ve actually been to her house the year before of an annual natural hair expo in her backyard– though we’ve never officially met!) We had great rapport; her schedule fit my schedule; her price is in line with what I’m comfortable paying for retis… I’m really hoping this works out, though I know I can’t be sure until one or two retightenings in.

Meanwhile, during my initial visit with her, I was curious to see what feedback she had about my hair. All in all her feedback was positive. The following two items stood out to me:

  1. She echoed what #2 said about washing my hair too often. The washing of my hair once (often more than that!) a week, is keeping my ends from fully locking. I did go 3 weeks without washing my hair once… but that was by accident.


  2. I mentioned I wash my hair often because a) I sweat a ton when I workout and b) I don’t like dull looking hair. Her response was that from what she could see, the dullness maybe be attributed to a dry scalp and/or build-up from the shampoo I’m using. She suggested that I try a) going back to the SL starter shampoo and b) doing ACV rinses every once in a while as a clarifier and to soothe my scalp.

I realized that, for good or bad, I haven’t followed any particular regimen for hair over the past year. I had a lot of starters… but lacked consistent follow through. At least in the beginning of my journey with this new sisterlock consultant, I’m going to try to be a bit more diligent with my hair care. In the short term, I’m committed to trying to go 2 weeks without wet washing my hair and using witch hazel as a wet/dry “shampoo” (and perhaps even the (nearly full) bottle of Taliah Waajid’s Moisture Clenz that I barely used since that first experiment). I need to think more on a long term regimen (that will include re-introducing the ACV + Black Tea rinses) that I can kick off with my first reti with the new consultant.



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