scab hair

Eureka! I think I’ve discovered the culprit of the “bad” start to my sisterlocks– and by bad I mean the loose ends and why so many people asked me if I started them with relaxer on the ends when I was completely natural. The culprit: scab hair

What is scab hair?

Scab hair is typically defined as hybrid hair, or hair that is at the crossroads of transition. Scab hair is typically understood to be the first few inches of hair that grow out after chemical relaxing has been stopped. The hair fiber hasn’t been directly chemically treated and is, for all intents and purposes, “natural.” The main issue with scab hair is that it has no shape, no curl pattern, tends to feel super wiry, and is basically unpredictable. Some have even described it as straight, fine, or wispy in areas. As the hair grows out without chemical treatment, the person’s “real” hair texture begins to come in. Everyone does not experience scab hair episodes, but for those who feel they do, scab hair is real and it’s a real nuisance. Most end up cutting off scab hair and will even resort to a secondary BC (big chop) to rid themselves of it. (continuing reading on Scab Hair? New Growth Hair Texture Changes and Hair Follicle Shape Theory)

The “science” behind scab hair is debatable but the occurrence of it rings true! Why else after big chopping and growing my hair out for 9+ months would my hair still be wiry? I’ve also known others who have needed to big chop twice to really get to their true hair texture.

Also, remember those 3-5 sisterlocks that I took out in the back of my head? Well, when my consultant put them back in, I was curious to see if the ends would unravel. Nope. I can’t even pick them out from the rest on my head. Probably because there was no more scab hair…

I now wish I had waited a year or more (to allow for a second big chop) before getting sisterlocks.




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