loc knots follow-up: curls all week

The curly look from my loc knots attempt lasted all week.


I pinned up my hair before going to bed.


3-4 days later… still crinkly and curly


3 thoughts on “loc knots follow-up: curls all week

  1. Love your blog! I also like seeing shots of you in business attire. I am currently on the hunt for a new job and it is refreshing to see other women successfully working with their natural hair in the corporate world. What has been your main go-to work hairstyles? Any words of advice? This will be my first time ever job hunting and wearing my natural hair in a business setting. 🙂

    • Hi! I started to reply but my response was getting too long so I decided to write up a blog post instead. The short and sweet of it, is that I try not to worry to much what impression my natural hair gives. I realized I used to think about what others people may/may not perceive than they really did. In regards to go-to styles, for the most part, I keep my hair simple– wash-n-gos or braid-outs. However, I’m getting back into curling my hair more.

      You will be fine! Your hair will not stop you from landing a job. 🙂


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