loc knots: first attempt

Taking Consultant Karen’s advice to the fullest, I spent 1.5 hours or so of my time on Saturday evening putting my hair into loc knots. I was not allowing myself to be deterred given the short length of my hair. In some instances, I used a rubber band to keep the lock knots in place. I used no product– just water in a spray bottle to dampen my hair.  (I followed Kalia-Dewdrop and or Kreyola‘s tutorials… [Kalia-dewdrop’s video really helps!).


my first “loc knot”


I left the loc knots in all day Sunday– rocked my tam to church and everything!


crinkles and curls!

What resulted was a very curly ‘do. I loved it.

I received compliments all day. My hair was so bouncy. I missed the curly look and am glad my hair is out of the “too weird to curl” phase. If I can keep this up, I can definitely get through this weird textured phase!


4 thoughts on “loc knots: first attempt

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