low-cost natural hair treatment: black tea hair rinse

I want to try something new on my hair >> to cover the “brown” in my hair without the hassles of the black rinses I love so much (but am trying to stay away from for now).   There has to be something I could do to enrich my hair without unraveling my sisterlocks, right?

I took to internet/blog stalking and read up about black tea and coffee rinses, which can help in darkening and strengthening (reducing shedding) hair. Low cost, low risk… doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

Here’s what I plan to try before my next re-tightening:

* brew 3-4 tea bags in 4-5 cups of water
* spray over my hair after  rinsing out shampoo and leave on for 10-15 minutes (or whenever I finish washing up in the shower)
* rinse with cold water
* very light oil to the scalp/hair to combat any dryness (some folks say the tea stiffens their hair)

Any one try black tea rinses? Do you recommend a particular brand or application method?



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