dreadhead dread soap: a review

Since finishing the bottle of VO5 and deciding to hold off on giving this delightfully scented shampoo another bout until my hair has settled some more, I have ordered and received the Dread Head HQ’s  Dread Soap.

This shampoo promises…

“The word is out. Residue free, DreadHead Dread Soap helps your dreads tighten and lock faster while reducing drying time. Washing your dreads with a soap that doesn’t leave residue is one of the most important precautions you can take to avoid sour smelling dreads. This new 8oz size is great for those that have heard about DHHQ Dread Soap and want to give it a try. You’ll instantly feel how much cleaner and happier your dreads are.The 8oz bottle is also under the Post Office limit for 1st class mail allowing you to save on shipping. Once you give this shampoo a try and are hooked on supa clean dreadies, you can save some cheddar and the earth by getting the Jumbo 64oz Enviro-Size.”

The underlined above is my emphasize… not their’s, as “helps your dreads tighten and lock faster while reducing drying time” were the words that appealed the most to me.

Now, at the risk of sounding close-minded, I was a little wary of trying a product that appears to only market itself to white people seeking to lock their hair. I wondered if the product would be too drying for my kinky, coily tresses. I scoured the net and found a few sisterlocks sistas who have positive experiences, and so I decided to give Dread Head Dead Shampoo a try.

My initial reaction:

Dread Head Shampoo has no scent, and is clear– reminiscent of the sisterlock starter shampoo. The texture is slightly heavier and it foams a just a little bit more than the sisterlock shampoo when mixed with water.

Nearly 6 Weeks Later:

For the most part, I’ve diluted the shampoo before use. Before wetting my hair, I sprayed directly on my scalp (in sections) and gave a good rub to my scalp and THEN rinse out in the shower. I sprayed my locs and then did a final rinse.

I do think my locs are getting tighter– a few people commented about this as well! I’ve experienced way less flakes/dry scalp syndrome than I have in the past 18 months of having locs. I’m not sure if it’s due to the shampoo or the process of spraying shampoo directly on my scalp before jumping in the shower to rinse.

Unfortunately, I am finding my hair to be quite dry in appearance–the color seems dull and my ends are still a bit frizzy. I’m not sure if it’s the product or the summer heat.

All in all, I am satisfied enough with this product to continue using it for another 6-8 weeks. In the meantime, I will look for another product or method to combat the dry-ness.

Cost: $13.14 ($7 + shipping)



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