new consultant, new pattern

New Consultant

It has been 9 weeks since my last retightening. At about week 7, I started to worry about finding someone new to do my re-tightenings. At that time, I was just seeking someone to fill in while my existing consultant is ready to start seeing clients again after having a baby. I wasn’t really sure what the procedure would be… is my consultant working just weeks after giving birth? Would she proactively recommend a consultant to fill in while she’s out? Or, maybe she’s is still working? I wasn’t sure. So, I called and left a message to check in. No response. My sister got a response to her text though and was able to set up an appointment right away. No hard feelings there. Honestly. But I decided then that, although I truly believe my existing consultant is a sweet person, I just had to admit to myself that the sisterlocks part of our hair relationship has been peppered with doubt (due to lack of reassurance) and issues with scheduled appointments. Perhaps, this was the green light to step out on faith with another consultant.

Long story short, a woman from church recommended her consultant to me. (Coincidence– she started her sisterlocks with my existing consultant and had a successful transition.) I met with the new consultant on Monday and had a great rapport. Today, I worked from her house as she retightened my hair.

The experience was a good one. We talked about ourselves (shared wedding photos, etc). She was okay with me working on my laptop and taking work conference calls. The key difference between my old and new consultant is that my old consultant worked really fast… in and out in less than 4 hours. The new consultant… not as fast by a long shot. But she was awesome. She offered me water and fruit. We had good conversation she’s very relational.

New Pattern

My new consultant suggested switching from a 4pt pattern to a 3pt. I admit. I got the gist but didn’t fully get her explanation but she showed me pictures from her sisterlocks handbook and took time to explain it. I remember reading blogs about women who made the switch and decided to agree to the change. I got home and recalled those blog posts…

  • “I’ve done two retightenings using the 3 pattern and I see a huge difference in body and volume of my locks, which I’m absolutely loving. With the 4, my locks felt strangled and they weren’t allowed to breathe so I’m happy that I did change and I expect to see a lot more changes to come in terms of volume! Quite possibly I may not have to use my lock loops because they will curl on there own to give its own distinct styling, left to be seen.” (embraced my sisterlocks)
  • “When my locs were first installed, my consultant used a reverse 4 pattern and then switched to a 3 pt. pattern on my hair (after a few months) because this would allow my coils to expand and mesh with some room rather than feel choked. She showed me the visible differences between both patterns on her locks and I could see a major change. Her 4 pt. locs looked thinner and tighter, but appeared to have lacked room for the strands to coil around itself properly. The good thing about a 4 pt. is that it creates a tighter lock. Then she showed me her 3 pt. locs and they had a really cylindrical look to them and looked fuller as if the coils had room to mesh, tangle and shrink. The good thing about a 3 pt. is that is looks a little fuller.” (kalia-dewdrop)

I look forward to seeing how things work out with my new consultant (next appointment scheduled for six weeks out!) and how the 3pt rotation works on my hair.

P.S. This weekend makes 1.5 years locked. 🙂


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