On Sunday, I was on my way back from a week vacationing in Mexico to celebrate 6 months married to the hubby. The vacation was fantastic– will share some photos later.

However, on the way back I was selected (again) to go through the advanced imaging technology screening process. This time, the TSA officer checked my hair!

I understand tight security measures are necessary. I do. But I am curious as to how people are randomly selected to go through the AIT screening, and how do they determine who should get a hair search…

My sister (who has longer sisterlocks), my cousin (who was wearing a curly afro wig), and myself who has shorter sisterlocks have all been selected for this screening. (All on different occasions/trips. We were not travelling together.)

I am doing an informal poll on facebook and so far black/natural hair women are in the lead for hair searches…

I hate to make issues into a black/white thing but I truly feel singled out. A white woman in front of me, who also went through the AIT, had a long, THICK, curly ponytail. Think “little girl from Boondocks” type of volume in her ponytail. Her hair was not searched. She could’ve easily have been hiding seven razors in there.

The positive side is that at least this TSA officer had an opportunity to see just how nice and soft locks/natural hair can be.


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