To B&B? Or, to not to B&B?

Yea, I’m still asking myself that question…

For the past two washes, I reverted back to braiding and banding.

Last week, I had a revelation. My hair isn’t completely loose/open at the ends. The strand is in a sisterlock pattern but for whatever reason (soft hair?) the pattern loosened up a quite a bit. I had my husband check and he confirmed that indeed the hair is in a pattern though it feels squishier than the locks on the end.

Anyways, that made me feel better and hopefully that my hair isn’t completely resisting the locking process, and that slowly but surely the whole middle (think mohawk) area of my head will condense into a lock.

All that to say that, if the locks on the sides and back of my hair are ready to go free in the shower, then why hold them captive. Today, I braided & bundled the crown and middle section of my hair and left the rest loose.

Look at that hang time (my hair is stretched since its still pretty wet from the wash).



One thought on “To B&B? Or, to not to B&B?

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