Riding the up and downs…

Hair journeys, like any journey, have a series of ups and downs. For the past three months, I was in a hair “down.” I was discouraged that my hair was not as far along as I would’ve liked when I hit the one year mark.

Since my last wash and re-tightening last week, I’ve been feeling pretty good about my hair. I rubbed some ACV solution onto my scalp and hair as I braided and banded my hair (I guess I’m back to that again… so much for my acts of defiance for the previous washes), so that I could lift the build up. Then wet my hair in the shower very briefly and applied the shampoo to my scalp and each bundle. Took soo long. I rinsed when I finished that process and then air-dried over night.

My hair was slightly stretched from the braids and hung longer. The next day, I went in for a re-tightening… and I also feel great after a re-tightening…

Hopefully, this “up” will last a while.



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