3 weeks and counting…

It’s been 3 weeks… since I washed my hair.


I know. But it’s true.

In my last post, I talked about how a sisterlock consultant described my hair as “soft;” explained that water softens the hair; and, suggested washing weekly may be hindering/delaying the locking process.

So, I ordered Taliah Waajid’s Moisture Clenz and decided to give washing less a try. (Though it wasn’t my intention to go 3 weeks, eek!)

About Taliah Waajid’s Moisture Clenz

 “Use in between shampoos for quick and thorough cleansing for braids, twists, locks and weaves. Directions: Lift and separate the section to be cleaned. Spray the area to be cleansed. Use a  damp towel to rub the area. Repeat until the complete head is finished.”

I couldn’t find an exact ingredient list but I do know that the Moisture Clenz contains alcohol.  The creator says it is  low amount, and defended the use of alcohol by saying that:

  • “alcohol is… known for cleaning and sanitizing immediately upon contact with skin”
  • “We chose to use alcohol in the Moisture Clenz because we did not find another ingredient that cleansed the hair as well as alcohol. Other natural ingredients we tried did not remove odor and did not clean the scalp well enough to sanitize it.
    source: Detailed Product Use and Directions for Use

My experience
Well, there is no substitute for a good shampoo.  I have used it 3-4 times a week. I try to “clean” my scalp/hair with it immediately after a workout.

It has been 3 weeks and my hair/scalp doesn’t smell or itch. Okay, that’s not exactly true… my hair has itched, but as soon as I feel an itch or think I see/feel build up, I would use the Moisture Clenz. The weird thing is after I used it, my scalp would itch like crazy but after a few minutes it settles down and feels fine.  And, of course, my hair smells a lil sweaty after a workout. But the Moisture Clenz seemed to deodorize that away. (My husband just did a sniff test… No foul odor.)

I used the product as directed. Sprayed on scalp, rubbed off with damp cloth. I tried to concentrate on rubbing the scalp only (in the same direction). Row by row, or small section by small section.  It would take me about 30-45 minutes (so it certainly wasn’t quicker than washing my hair.) Then I would do a quick spray all over and my hair  (quick large sections) and carefully press a damp cloth on my hair. Not a rub, just quick presses.

My scalp feels fine. My hair feels fine. I really have no complaints.

Would I recommend Moisture Clenz? YES, definitely for those who are seeking to stretch their washes for whatever reason. It will be nearly 4 weeks before I can wash my hair with water and shampoo. The bottle is pricey (I paid $15– $7.50 + an additional $7.50 for shipping because I couldn’t find it in stores) so my hair better lock soon so I can wash my hair as often as I want… even without braiding and banding.

A Possible Substitute
I did come across a possible substitute– BB Tropical Roots Spray, which is less expensive and available at Sally’s stores. I will give that a try when I run out of the Moisture Clenz.

P.S. I really didn’t intend to go 3 full weeks without a real wash but eh… my hair/scalp has survived!


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