random musings

It’s been a little while… I’m still here. Lurking. Reading other people’s blogs. Checking out styles. But I’m not really doing much with my hair.

ACTUALLY… my one year anniversary with sisterlocks came and went without much of a peep. It’s exciting to say it’s been a year… but my hair is still so far from being locked. So, I have mixed feelings about this milestone.

I’ve been using ACV with every wash, and I’m back to using the Getting Started Shampoo (heavily diluted). My hair is soft… too soft? Who knows. My scalp still gets quite a bit of build-up. (Then again, that could be because I went two weeks without shampooing… yea, that sounds about right, eek!)

Instead of using my satin cap, I’ve primarily (this week at least) pushed my hair up (like in a ponytail but without using a rubber band or bobby pins… make sense?) and wrapped my traditional satin scarf on my head. Somehow, this helped my hair keep the crinkles from going flat… even after a night at Zumba where I sweat out of control.

Welp, that’s all the time I have. Perhaps there’ll be more interesting developments soon. 🙂



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