my thoughts on the sisterlocks brand

Terez of Naturalicious Hair blog recently posted about an experience she had with Sisterlocks company and their response to the re-tightening video she posted on youtube (read her post here: My Sisterlocks Re-Tightening Video Got Shut Down!).

I got so worked up reading about what the Sisterlocks company said to her. I love my sisterlocks but the Sisterlocks company is going about protecting their brand in the wrong way.

To me, “sisterlocks” is a proprietary eponym for microlocks/interlocks… like kleenex is for tissue. It’s just easier to use that term because everyone knows it and it sounds better than microlocks.

It’s great to feel like the initial install is legit because your consultant was “certified.” But, the interlocking system as a whole… how can it be trademarked?

The tool, the products, the materials they use in the class… sure, they can be trademarked. The specific terminology may possibly be trademarked as well. But not the interlocking process. That’s ridiculous… it’s like trying to trademark braids!

My consultant took the training class but didn’t follow through with the certification process (I’m assuming she didn’t want to keep up with the fees associated with that). Does that mean I don’t have “sisterlocks”?

Because of this nonsense, I refuse to pay the $250 fee for the re-tightening class. But I WILL learn how to re-tighten my own hair. And, I’ll continue to call my hair sisterlocks. (Unless I decided to come up with my own cool name like Nihu did –

Okay, whew… Cue end of rant. 🙂


2 thoughts on “my thoughts on the sisterlocks brand

  1. Thanks so much for the response. It was a very troubling experience because I really didn’t think that I was doing anything wrong. My consultant did not go through a laundry list of what I could and could not say. I was clueless. Had I understood, I probably wouldn’t have spent all that money to not be able to share anything. I’m glad that my post is going to save you money! You definitely can learn to retighten your hair without that class.

    What you said about trademarking “braiding” is exactly what my husband said that Sisterlocks (TM) has done with interlocking. That is the perfect comparison!


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