lock loops… they work!

My first trial with lock loops didn’t turn out so well. It was months ago, so I don’t remember the specifics, except for that I didn’t use any product except water. And, my hair (specifically the ends) didn’t look so great.

Last night, after the gym, I decided to set my hair using lock loops,  Luster’s Renutrients Shape & Style Mousse, and end papers. (I’ve had this Luster’s setting since my relaxed days– it’s all I had on hand.) I tried to apply the setting lotion only to the unlocked ends, but I’m sure there may have been some overlap. I used one pack of lock loops (30 curlers) for all my hair.

lock loops – jan 2012

Here are the results:

  • Fresh out of the lock loops (before pulling the curls out a bit)

lock loops (tight) Jan 2012

  • Next time I will need to reverse the way I put in the curlers on the right side… they weren’t hanging right. I had to pin them up a bit with a bobby pin. The left side looked fine.

lock loops (Jan 2012) right side

  • But overall, I am so excited about how the lock loops came out. Look at them curls! (The key is setting lotion to tame those loose ends and help set the curl.)

lock loops success (Jan 2012)

Though I am encouraging myself to be a bit freer with my hair (so I can enjoy it more) I am hesitant to apply too many products (or too much of one product) to my hair. Hopefully these curls will last through Wednesday.

I am so excited about my curly hair. I used to love doing rollersets on my relaxed hair and am happy that my sisterlocks are long enough to begin achieving similar looks.

Oh, and my curls have bounce!


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