the second opinion on my sisterlocks

I met with another consultant today to talk about my sisterlocks. I expected a 30 minute consultation but the entire visit lasted over an hour.

My sister came with me. When I arrived, she (the consultant) was finishing up one of her clients re-tightenings. We chatted for a little bit while she finished up and looked through some of the sisterlocks photo books she had. When we finally got down to business talking about my hair, here is what I learned:

In regards to my concern about having long loose ends-

  • While it’s necessary to leave about an inch or so backcombed, the 2-3 inch loose hair that I have is a bit much.
  • It is possible to close up the loose ends by pulling the lock into the loose ends so that only the root has the 1-1.5 inches left to be retightened the traditional way. (The SL consultant demonstrated for me on one lock.) The thing is… this process takes forever to do on one lock, and would thus take forever (and cost a lot) to do my entire head– but it is possible.
  • As an alternative to closing up the ends, trimming is an option as well.


In regards to my hair overall:

  • My sisterlocks are in really, really good condition: the grid pattern looks great; despite the loose ends, the locks are maturing as they should be.  My existing consultant is doing a great job.
  • My sisterlocks do look a bit.. dusty/dull. She thinks the shampoo I am using may be leaving build up and is glad to know I’m switching back to the Starter Shampoo.
  • Though she doesn’t think my locks are at risk of unraveling/slippage, she recommends bundling (no need to braid) for at least 6 more months. If I want to experiment with not bundling at all, I should do so only for the wash directly before my next re-tightening so my consultant can fix any issues immediately.

My overall experience with her was good. She was very knowledgeable (she’s been in the game for a while– was one of the first sisterlock consultants in the Boston area) and easy to talk to. She works out of her home so the environment is a bit more relaxed. She took our her spike curls and demonstrated how she uses them with end paper and setting lotion. A lot more chill than the salon setting where my current sisterlock consultant operates. (Though I like the girl talk environment of the salon (when I’m not napping), and the fact that my stylist sticks to appointment times (this new consultant seems a bit lax when it comes to timing).)

I told her that my next step would be to try to have another conversation with my existing consultant about my hair, dealing with the loose ends, etc and see if she would be willing to consider some of the things I learned. Because of my long-term relationship with my existing consultant, if all goes well, I may not be so inclined to leave her. The  consultant I met with today was completely understanding.

My next steps/thoughts:

  • Talk through what I learned with my current consultant– see how receptive she is to trimming my hair and/or at least talking through my concerns.
  • Try the ACV rinse for my next wash to see if that helps with the dull look to my hair.
  • Learn to be more free with my hair– including a using a little jojoba oil to combat dry-ness, and  try giving lock loops one more try… using setting lotion, eek!

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