seeking a second opinion

I’ve thought about this for a while. Months, really. But I just couldn’t bring myself to do this: see another sisterlocks consultant… gasp!

I shouldn’t feel bad about it. My hair is my hair, and I have the right to shop around for various opinions on my sisterlocks. But…

I actually do like my consultant as a person. She’s great. We have over 6 years of “hair” history: me as the client always nodding off in the chair, she as the stylist. So, I have no reason to doubt that she’s doing a 100% perfectly good job as my consultant…

… except that I have questions to which I’m not 100% confident that I received the most thorough responses. (I admit, if I don’t fully understand an explanation, and a person still doesn’t give me details after I’ve asked 2-3 more times, instead of nagging I feel the need to seek answers elsewhere. )

So, rather than keep myself in the dark, tomorrow I will meet with another SL consultant for a diagnosis on the condition of my hair.

The consultant I called (pulled her # from the sisterlocks registry and got her name from my sis who knows one or two of her clients) was very nice, patient, and available.

I plan on being as honest as possible about my hair over the past year, asking questions about how my lifestyle can affect my hair (i.e. sweating excessively during work outs, how often I wash), etc. My primary concern is about the length of my loose ends, and if it’s possible to close them up.

I’m nervous. It’s like a first date!

If this new consultant tells me my hair is totally fine and that I’m doing all the right things (as my existing consultant has) then I don’t think I will feel inclined to switch— does that mean I’m wasting this new consultant’s time? On the other hand, if she gives to a completely different story about my hair and how I should/could care for it going forward, how would I “break-up” with my current consultant? Would I even want to break-up with my current consultant? And, I’m hoping she won’t ask who my current consultant is… the SL community in Boston is vibrant but I bet every one knows each other.

My hubby often says I care too deeply about issues a) before they are real “issues” and b) that others are not as affected by.

I’ll see how my consultation goes tomorrow and take it from there.



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