back to the basics

For the past few week, my hair has been blah. To be completely honest, I broke down and had a “ugh, my hair is a mess” moment.

Why am I so down an out after having a fabu braidout last week? Well, I attempted the cornrow braidout again. This time I did slightly smaller cornrows and made sure not to braid the area closer to the nape of my neck too tight. I left the cornrows in for two nights (wed + thurs, took down Friday morning). I figured since I was going back to the gym Thursday night might as well keep them in… right? Wrong.

When I took down my hair on Friday, my hair didn’t have the same fullness or bounce to it. My locks looked thin, limp, dull. And, my scalp was dry and yet had so much build-up. (Though I rinsed my hair after my Thursday workout!)

I washed my hair on Saturday with a heavily diluted teaspoon or Giovanni Tea Tree Shampoo and Suave Clarifying shampoo. After washing my hair, though the concoction was so diluted (practically water, I swear!), I felt like my sisterlocks unraveled a bit. The loose ends felt even looser and I found a two-headed dragon (is that what it’s called when a combined lock splits again?) in the back. Oh, and my hair is frizzy all over– along the shaft of the lock, by roots, and of course the loose ends. To top it off, before my hair dried I still saw flakes in my hair, and once dry the dry patches were laughing back at me in the mirror.

  • Perhaps cornrowing my hair twice in one week was just too much manipulation, despite the fact that my locks are nearly one year old.
  • Perhaps the shampoo was just too moisturizing despite the fact that I diluted it.
  • Perhaps I didn’t rub the shampoo in my scalp enough to get rid of the build-up, despite rubbing with my fingernails and a pic (I get a lot of build from sweating).
  • Perhaps…

Too many unknowns for me to diagnose my situation. So, I’m going going, back back, to the basics, basics!

I ordered the Sisterlocks Starter Shampoo. Though I finished the bottle, I barely used the Sisterlocks Starter Shampoo over the past year. I want my hair to lock so I’m going to use what Dr. Cornwell (Sisterlock creator) developed to help the process.

I also ordered the Fresh Mist Blends (the dry scalp/dandruff one). I’m still not into using oils or any other product in my hair, so I’m hoping this helps to keep my hair looking alive and my the dry scalp issue under control.

Any thoughts/suggestions? Help!



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