Random Thoughts

1] BLOGS: Most recently I’ve been inspired to look up sisterlock blogs. But I’m experiencing a conundrum in that there are very few bloggers out there who are in the same hair stage/phase as me… few meaning I’ve come across only one. Most bloggers have been locked for 2 years +, or have different hair types, and don’t update very regularly (well, hey… neither do I!). Perhaps I’m not looking hard enough. Shout out to those nearing/just completing year one of their sisterlock journey! Heyy!

2] # of LOCS: I tried counting my locks the other day. I gave up at number 22. Twenty-two locks barely took up the right back corner of my head. That means I have a lot, A LOT, of locks. Maybe one day, while braiding & banding in prep for a wash, I will count my locks. Just for the fun of it.

3] VITAMINS: I wish there were better instructions on vitamin bottles. When it says, “take 3 times daily, preferably with meals,” does that mean: a) split up the 3 pills over morning, noon, and evening or b) I can take all 3 pills at once, with no negative effect, as long as I take them with a meal? I’m more apt to forget to take my vitamins unless I take them all at once, so that’s what I’ve been doing.

4] LOCK LOOPS: I have lock loops– brought them a while back– and tried them. I didn’t really like the outcome. Once my ends are fully locked perhaps they won’t look so dry.

5] SHAMPOO: I don’t use the Sisterlocks Getting Started Shampoo– can that be why my hair seems to be taking so long to lock? My ends are still loose and aren’t budding much. Or sometimes, I do think I’m getting buds, and then they disappear! Going forward, I will dilute whatever shampoo I use.

6] STYLING: I don’t style my hair. The first couple of weeks/months, I curled my hair but as my hair grew out, I resorted to shake-n-go. I may pin it up loosely, but I don’t twist or manipulate my hair much at all.

7] MOISTURIZING: As of a few days ago, I decided to give daily water spritz a try– perhaps that will help keep my hair moisturized.

8] SEPARATING LOCS: I recall in the beginning, after washing my hair, I would separate my locs at the roots. Not so much anymore. I allow my hair to dry a bit in the braid/bands. While still a little damp, I will unbraid/un-band each section… give it a quick shake/finger run through, and then re-braid my hair (usually in smaller sections so the curls are more defined).

9] TEXTURE of LOCS: I never really liked the texture of locs. When I felt other people’s locs before, it felt itchy, scratchy. Weird. This is a pretty big deal considering my hair is maturing into microlocs as I type. So, I admit, I wonder how difficult it will be for me to get like/get use to the texture of my locs once they mature…



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