Inspired. A New Style: Fold & Tuck

Last night I styled my hair. I’ve free-styled 90% of the time for at least the past 8 months or so. The styling I have done is limited to pinning my hair back and doesn’t involve much manipulation.

Note: I don’t include braidouts after washing a style. It’s just an outcome of braiding and banding, really.

Today my company has a holiday party, so I wanted to do something a little bit different with my hair.

Inspired by this tutorial of the Fold and Tuck (done on loose natural hair), I decided I wanted to fold and tuck my locs.

So, I folded, tucked, and pinned my hair last night. Took less than 15 minutes; didn’t involve pulling at the roots or ends; and is pretty easy. The challenge was getting the “rolls” to look straight/uniform.

Whaddaya think? (Disclaimer: these pics were taken around midnight so pardon the “sleepy-eyed, no-make up, I-should’ve-been-asleep-hours-ago” look.) (Disclaimer # 2: I need a new camera…)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thankfully, the style held up overnight so it wasn’t a wasted effort. The only difference with the actual ‘do for today is that, before going to bed, I braided those loose ends in the front for a crinkle curl effect in the morning. Also, this morning, I brushed flat those beady-bees, lol.


One thought on “Inspired. A New Style: Fold & Tuck

  1. I know exactly what you mean about the feel of the locks. Once you able to condition your locks, you should be able to avoid that issue completely. I know that what did it for me. As for the open ends, be preparing to have that for a while. In fact, I find the open ends are benefits since those ends help with the holding of my twist and braid out. Currently I only have open ends in the front and back and I been locked for 2 years.


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