Status Pic – December 2012

I started taking my hair vitamins and multivitamin today. As promised, here are some status pics.

Then — January 2011…
wow, my hair was short!

Sisterlocks Installation – Day 1

Now — December 2011



It’s hard to gauge the “real” length of my hair considering how springy it is. But, these will do. As much as I say my hair hasn’t grown much this past year, these pics tell a different story!

** Updated **

Today I had my last retightening appointment for the year. The night before every hair appointment, I wash my hair (being sure to scrub my scalp for patches of build-up). I still braid and band in sections before washing since my hair isn’t fully locked. After washing, I let my hair dry a little bit, still in the braids/bands. I then take down the braids, and re-braid my hair in smaller sections to “stretch” my hair out a bit.

Here are a few pics post re-tightening, with my stretched out hair. I look oh so tired, but ah well.

Post Re-Ti-Dec 10, 2011

Post Re-Ti- Dec 10, 2011

Post Re-Ti (back)- Dec 10, 2011


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