Hair Vitamins.

I’ve taken vitamins before. The first time, I was determined to achieve hair growth, fast, and took the vitamins diligently. Within 2 months or so, I definitely saw results! I stopped taking them to see if the vitamins were having a negative effect on my skin. Vitamins or no vitamins, my skin wasn’t affected.  I tried starting up again but I just wasn’t into it since my hair was pretty long by then.

So, here I am. A couple of years later. Excited again to grow my hair long so that I can open the door to more styling options for my sisterloc’d hair.

Once an old faithful to GNC Ultra Nourishair, I’m in the market for something else. A vitamin that’s just as effective but less expensive. I compared the ingredients of GNC Ultra Nourishair to Nature Bounty’s Hair, Skin, and Nails. Same amount of Biotin (3000mcg) but as for the other ingredients, HSN has little less of some ingredients and a little more of others. For, only $10 for a bottle (2-month supply)… I’ll definitely give it a try.

I also plan to start a multi-vitamin on the same day. I chose Vitafusion Gummy Vitamins. (I haven’t eaten chewable vitamins since I was a kid!). I figured this vitamin paired with the HSN should provide me with all the vitamin-supplement I need.

I’ll be sure to post a pic on my start date.

What multivitamins have you tried?


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