I’s Married Now!

There isn’t much new going on with my hair. For the most part, I am primarily freestyling. Washing every 1-2 weeks, or whenever I feel like it.

But all that doesn’t matter because… “I’s married now!”.

While at first, I didn’t give much thought to wedding day hair, I started to become really worried that my hair just wouldn’t be glamorous enough for my wedding.

I mean, with my short, sister locks, there was no way I could replicate this look.

Based on the hair pin I wanted to wear (my something borrowed), my stylist suggested a style that mimicked what she did for one of my engagement photo sessions. At first I wasn’t so thrilled with that idea… I wanted something new! But I trusted her judgement– plus, I didn’t have a better idea to contribute.

Final result? Love, Love, LOVED it!

Here’s a teaser from some of the professional shots our photographer sent to us.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Them curls were popping! Oh, and who says freestyling isn’t cute? At our second engagement photo sessions, I did my make-up trial but nothing with my hair. I included one of my favorite pics from that session in the slideshow as well.



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