Double Banding.

Today, in preparation for washing my hair, I doubled banded each section… one rubber band in the middle/where I felt most of the loc’d portion of my hair just ended… and one closer to the top where I felt a few other strands of loc’d hair ended. Hopefully this will help keep the unraveling at bay? Crossing my fingers.


2 thoughts on “Double Banding.

  1. I have never tried banding my hair for washing, maybe that’s why I have major slippage. Well let’s try banding and hopefully I won’t look like I went through a hurricane after washing lol. My sisterlocks is only two months old as of july 11 2011.

    • Hi! My SL consultant said banding is a must for at least a year. I recommend both braiding (or twisting) and banding your hair in 2 spots (top of twist and wherever you think the lock vs unravel hair meets).

      I’ve done this for the past 2-3 washes and feel that my SLs are doing much better… Unraveling less.

      Makes the washing process take a bit longer but its worth it.

      Also, if you work out, definitely band your hair. I do two ponytail puffs.

      Good luck! 🙂


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