“I’m locked up…

… they won’t let me out!” (Whatever happened to Akon?)

Well, after 20 hours over two days, I’m sisterlocked!

I admit… it’s a bit anti climatic. I definitely prepared myself for the “transformation” to NOT be love at first sight. I perused as many blogs of the initial days of fellow short-haired sisterlocked sistahs, and I have not found many where the locks looked on point from day 0. (No offense to anyone of course… I essentially braced myself for a good journey—not immediate satisfaction.

And, I’m glad I did. At the end of day one all I could think of was wow… my hair really does look crazy.

At the end of each sisterlock was a puff of unlocked hair. From a distance, it probably still look like I had an afro… a flattened ‘fro. My SL consultant assured me that as I wet my hair, the puff will shrink down and will eventually lock as well.

Sisterlocks Installation – Day 1

When my entire hair was locked, my SLC spritzed water on my hair and cornrowed it into 5 large braids.

Look at them parts!

Sisterlocks Day 1 – Braids

Finally, I took out the braids this morning. Pin my hair up in the back, pinned a side swept bang (sorta) in the front. Here’s the best pic I could take on my camera phone…

Baby Sisterlocks



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