The Last Wash: Slippage, Shedding, and Length

I combed and washed my loose hair for the “last” time tonight. I used Aussie Moist shampoo, which was likely not the best idea- for the test locks at least.

I believe the locks unravelled at least half way. This is a good lesson to learn before my full head is locked: do not use moisterizing shampoo on baby locks, specifically stick to the SL starter shampoo.

I just thought I would give my ‘fro a last treat before its locked up.

Interestingly, a lot of shed hair washed out in tonight’s wash. Well, not a lot. Just a little more than usual, considering my hair hasn’t shed much recently.

I will not miss NOT needing to clean the tub of my hairs.

Finally, I measured my hair using my fingers… looks to be about 4 inches… maybe a tad more.



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