Key to Successful Hair Care: Know yourself… your needs, your wants.

Cutting off all my hair to just over an inch of kinky curls was definitely a new look, which I loved. It’s too bad that I didn’t post any pictures sooner. I’ll create a picture collage of my hair over the past 9 months to showcase how much my hair has grown.

But, having short natural hair isn’t easy (at least for my hair texture) and is not low-maintenance enough. And, I’ll admit right now to many bad hair days (and hat days too!). When my hair was really short, it was easy to pin up the sides and wear my hair in a contemporary, yet work-appropriate faux-mohawk. It was my go-to look every day… until my hair grew out and I just couldn’t get the ‘fro to look right unless I had the front pulled back with a headband (which I’m sure has contributed to my edges not filling in as much as I would’ve hoped). Even then, the ‘fro just looks… really “young.”

By the time fall rolled around, I wanted something simple. I didn’t want to deal with twisting my hair every night. So, I went from extension twists, which I kept in for about 2.5 months or so, to two-strand twists (without extensions), which I kept in for 2 weeks.

At the start of this year, my boyfriend, in one 30 minute conversation, helped me face the facts:

· I do not want to relax my hair ever again.

· I do not like my hair in this “too-short” to bun, “too-long” to ‘fro phase.

· I miss having long hair

· I do not want to blow my hair budget on extensions.

· I may not be able to get curls similar to what I used to enjoy before with my rollersets with my natural loose hair. (I went through photos of my hair in my curly rollerset days… I miss, miss those looks!)

What I want and need are: Manageability, Versatility, and Freedom.

All those realizations/facts/thoughts came to the forefront of my mind when he asked: “Hey… what happened to getting sisterlocks? Was/Is there a specific reason that you are putting off on getting them?”

I’ve gotten so caught up in feeling like I needed to play with my ‘fro for years and years before locking, that I haven’t thought about the reasons why I considered sisterlocks in the first place: It’s a hair care management system that will allow me to be as low/high maintenance as I want to be, when I want to be.

I am so friggin excited. Within 7 days of deciding that, yes, I will lock my hair, I had my sisterlock consultation (Jan. 8), and I am scheduled to start the process this Friday, Jan. 21, 2011.

I blogged about the cost of sisterlocks; and the “downside” to sisterlocks (ha ha!); and why I changed my mind about sisterlocks.

My next post will be a recap of my sisterlock consultation.

Anyone else considering sisterlocks or recently had sisterlocks “installed”?



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