I achieved fluffiness with that good, good stuff.

I’ve officially adorned all natural hair for 13 days now. Within this time frame, I have worn my hair in two-strand twists, a two-strand twist out, hidden under my tam, ‘fro hawk, wash-n-go, and today… a soft afro with one side pinned up (yea, I upgraded to asymmetrical styling apparently!).

Sorry there are no pics. I tried taking some on my camera but it didn’t do my look any justice. My apartment doesn’t have the best lighting for photos. But I digress…

Yesterday morning I was so not motivated to do anything to my hair. Instead of washing and going, I decided to just moisturize my hair, twist up the front a bit, and rock my tam.

I created a concoction, which might just be my new magic juice… that good, good stuff!

  • I had just a little bit of Hask Placenta with Olive Oil left in its spray bottle.
  • I poured maybe 2-3 times as much 100% glycerin in the bottle (to reach the half-way mark)
  • I then filled the remaining half of the bottle with water.

I shook it all up, sprayed my hair, scrunched a bit, put on my tam (with a satin cap underneath), and kept on stepping.

I was so freaking worried that my hair would be hard, dry, tangled, unmanageable. Put I was pleasantly surprised that, when I took off my tam last night, it was soft and felt moisturized.

I decided that I could not wear my tam two days in a row. It’s too soon to get lazy with my hair. An unmaintained TWA is not cute. So, I twisted my hair in fat two-strand twists all over my head.  It was still so soft that I didn’t apply any more product.

This morning, I sprayed ORS Nature’s Shine (love this stuff) on my twists, and I coated my fingers in a bit of Jane Carter’s Nourish and Shine (love this stuff too), before unraveling the twists.

Results: Soft, fluffy ‘fro.

Did ya read that? I achieved fluffiness! My hair looks and feels soft.

For the next DC, I’ll be sure to add an egg to balance out all this moisture with a bit of protein.

Gee, I love my hair.



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