Compliments help me embrace the kinks!

My hair was (still is) very soft for the braid out on Monday morning. My hair was big… perhaps a bit too big at times after the wind blew it all over the place… but I still loved it.

I took pictures that morning before leaving for work, but alas, those pics are trapped on my camera until I find my cord. Will post them when I can though.

Last night, I didn’t bother to retwist. I just went to bed with my satin scarf. I wasn’t surprised to see that the curls were completely squished. This morning, I quickly twisted my hair in 5-7 large two-strand twists, curled them with satin-covered foam rollers, and put a plastic cap on my head while I showered… steam some life back into my hair.

Well, my hair wasn’t “twisty” but it got back some of its softness. I pinned my hair back in an aysmmetrical-fashion and kept on moving about my day.

I got a few compliments on the ‘do! One co-worker (Russian woman) commented that she really liked the texture of my hair, much better than when my hair is in braids. That compliment alone is giving me more confidence to embrace my kinks and really work hard to keep it out of braids for a while.

I think this asymmetrical poofy thing in the front, messy “bun/pin-up” in the back will be my signature look while transitioning.


2 thoughts on “Compliments help me embrace the kinks!

  1. I haven’t seen the pictures yet (please post soon!), but I think I know what style ou are talking about; it’s fabulous. I did one kind of a curly faux fro hawk on Sunday, and it has held up through workouts, the cold air, and protects my ends. That’s like my #1 Hair Resolution: protect these doggone ends!

    And the compliments? You better get used to them! People love our hair, especially White people. They love it. If they are not “bold” enough to say it, they are looking in admiration.

    I’m so excited for you! And about those pics, missy, get on it (please)lol

  2. Thanks!! I need to either find my computer cord for my new camera… or get a new camera. I hate not being able to post pics because I can’t keep track of my progress/record good styles. And the camera on my phone just doesn’t do it for me…

    Hopefully, I can post pics soon! =)


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