Now… where did I put those curlformers?

I am determined to look fantabulous while I grow out my hair.

Last night I twisted my (blown-out) hair using flexirods.

But it resulted in very limp curls, which I tossed up in some sort of updo. I did get one compliment so far so I guess my hair looks fine. I’m actually enjoying my puffy roots.

I would like to see some curls, though! Even if artificially created. I bought curlformers a while back (April 2008) and used them twice. Once with great results (I had help from my sister) and another time with not so good results (I tried to do it myself and ripped out a ton of hair).

Anyhoo, I think I’m ready to give curlformers another try. But, um… where did I put them?



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