Rebuilding my regimen

JC over at Natural Haven mentioned “hydral fatigue” in her blog post the other day. I never heard of that concept before and couldn’t find that much more (/different) information on the web. Granted, I didn’t search very hard either, lol. But hydral fatigue seems to make since, especially in regards to my hair. It would explain why my hair was prone to more shedding/breaking when I attempted wash n gos and/or washed my hair more frequently during the week.

Anyhoo, battling hydral fatigue got me thinking about my haircare regimen once I take these kinky twists down. The conversation about hydral fatigue led to a conversation about the use of coconut oil on the hair. I’ve used coconut oil in the past and wouldn’t mind experimenting with using it more regularly.

So, when I take down these kinky twists, I will see how my hair responds to the following routine:

  • Pre-Poo: Organic Coconut Oil (overnight) + one egg (added 20 minutes prior to wash)
  • Co-Wash: Jane Carter’s Nourishing Conditioner (let sit while in shower)
  • Leave-In Conditioner: Hask Placenta with Olive Oil (I think this stuff if magic, seemed to really curb shedding/breakage!)
  • Other products: Shea Butter and Jane Carter’s Nourish & Shine (will apply when flat twisting)

Since I mentioned flat twisting, I’ll mentioned the tutorials I found and enjoy. CurlyChronicles shows how she flat twists for twist outs… while this “Learn How to Flat Twist” video shows a style created/based on flat twists. I’ll likely try the twist out first and get help with the flat twist style later.

Count down for the removal of the kinky twists begins!

In the meantime, any thoughts on the proposed regimen above? My main focus is to keep the regimen as simple as possible by minimizing time and unnecessary products.

Edited to Add (2/17/10)

As you can see from kinky twist takedown plan post, I didn’t follow this plan. I opted to get my hair washed, deep conditioned, blowdried, and trimmed at the salon.


One thought on “Rebuilding my regimen

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