New Goal: Instead of sisterlocks, grow natural hair long.

Over the past few weeks, I have reconsidered my desire to get sisterlocks. I was soo gung ho about getting them January 2009. I told the world! And I was prepared in terms of knowledge of the process and money. I even had a consultant picked out (but I admit that was easy as my consultant would’ve been the person who installed and maintains my sis’ sisterlocks as well as an old stylist of mine).

But as the weeks go on and I wait anxiously for my hair to grow, I decided that I am really excited to see my natural hair in an untwisted state (for the majority of past 3.5+ months its been in braids and kinky twists).

Going immediately from relaxed to sisterlocks (which was my original plan) seems to be the easy way out. Yes, the low maintenance would be great… but I am curious to play around in my hair a bit more.

Also, I admit another thought I had was that I should at least wait until I secured another job before taking the plunge. I’ve read enough blogs to know that sisterlocks may not look so great when I first get them installed… they become more beautiful over time. However, when I interview, I need to be confident and I’m not confident that I can be confident (lol at my use of confident) with such a dramatically new do.

Though (and I apologize that I am beginning to ramble here) if BC, my new natural do would be a totally new do too.

Anyways, I’m exciting to see how big and fluffy I can grow and maintain a ‘fro. If anything, when my confidence wanes or a bit, I can ask my friend to re(kinky)twist it… a look I have come to enjoy.

I feel a mini “big chop” coming very soon……


One thought on “New Goal: Instead of sisterlocks, grow natural hair long.

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