2009 in review: last relaxer.

2009 was similar to 08 except that I REALLY began to dislike the need to spend a ton of time maintaining a straight ‘do when my hair is NOT meant to be straight.

I experimented with co-washing, more braidouts/twistouts, wash-n-go’s… I even tried a ponytail rollerset (pic below). Most of the time, my hair was kept in a ponytail (pic below). July 2009 was the last time I relaxed my hair (see pic with me a two other girls for hair length in July).

Since then, I primarily did wash-n-gos but did commit to braidout when I was going out somewhere (see crazy pic of me below- August 2008). In October, I paid to have extension braids done… first time in about 4 years (me with a friend.. I’m wearing a black shawl)! I hated the look… it looked so fake. I took the braids down after 6 weeks.

In December 09, I asked a friend to kinky twist my hair. It was the first time she’v ever done kinky twists before but I LOVED the look. So much so that I asked her re-do the front portion (Jan. 24). The pic below doesn’t do the style the justice it deserves (a dark pic… wearing a cream-colored sweater!


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