I’m doing the unthinkable. I’m going to get extension braids. I decided this transitioning is getting the best of me. I have been washing my hair on average 2 times a week… letting it airdry and then putting it up into a ponytail.

I prob have at least half an inch (maybe even more) of new growth in the middle of my head but I feel like my hair line isn’t growing, ugh! The closer to the edges/hairline around my head, the less new growth I have.

I admit, I was really good about taking my vitamins but have stopped. I will begin taking those regularly again soon. And, lastly, I will have extension braids installed Saturday, October 17. I plan to leave them in for 2 months, refreshing the edges around the 4 week mark. So much for NOT spending money on my hair this fall.

I plan to take care of my hair when it is braided up by moisturizing and sealing at least every other day. Another blogger moisturized with s-curl and followed up with some oil. I’ve also read about people deep conditioning their braids? Interesting. Perhaps I can experiment with that around the 4 week mark… just before I go get a refresh done (in case the braids end up a hot mess).

I just hope that the braids don’t cause too much stress on my hairline (it’s already so weak). If the braids are too tight, I will unravel that front section and just wear the other braids swooped in such a fashion to cover the bee’d’bees (lol).



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