Downside to Sisterlocks

I love this blog post… The Downside of Sisterlocks (Brunsli’s blog).

My favorite excerpts:
  • “Another fake problem I have is no longer needing hours to get my hair done. So I have to go to the matinee movies alone because my friends are sitting at the Dominican salon on Saturday morning waiting for a wash and set”
  • “The negative that I found with Sisterlocks is that I am getting to work on time. I don’t have to worry about my hair in the morning. Now I am working 8 hours oppose to the 6.5 hours or 7 hours.”
  • “When I found out I would no longer have to use a plastic bag over my head on those days I didn’t have an umbrella I was devastated. I absolutely adore the appearance of a Wal-Mart bag on anyone’s head rain or shine.”

One thought on “Downside to Sisterlocks

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