Sisterlocks: My two cents.

With just about every decision I make, I do research before, after, and during the decision making process. What can I say? I love to be sure. I love to know what I am getting into… the good, the great, the bad, and the ugly! I love to be pleasantly surprised… but not scared about of my socks.

As I continue my research on sisterlocks (to either corroborate or break down my decision), I am becoming more and more familar with the hate, hate, hate against sisterlocks… which some sisterlock wearers fully deserve and instigate. I find it actually quite comical.

For example, on the hair boards, there are/have been people arguing about what is Sisterlocks and why it is (or isn’t) so different from any other microlocking.
According to owner and founder of Sisterlocks, “Sisterlocks™ is a natural hair management system that allows women with tightly textured hair to take advantage of a wide range of today’s hairstyles without having to alter the natural texture of their hair.”
But, simply put… sisterlocks is a form of microlocking, which hair management system has been carefully determined in such a way that the locks are itty, bitty– yet strong– and for this reason can be manipulated in an assortment of styles. Unlike some other locking techniques, it does not require as much product to maintain or for the hair to lock.
The key difference between the sisterlocks and mircolocks is the lockpattern and how the locs were started.

Another question running rampant on the hair boards, is why are Sisterlock consultants so secretive about sisterlocks?And, why would would anyone spend that kind of money on locks?
The way I see it, the same way your hair stylist who relaxes your hair isn’t going to go out of their way to teach you how to self-relax, neither would a sisterlock consultant. It’s a business! They do the training to learn to become experts at what they do. To ensure they remain profitable, they need you to need them.
But of course there are always opportunities to learn how to DIY. It just takes curiousity, self-determination, and motivation to succeed through the trial and error process (whether you take the class or learn via online resources).
And then there is the “sisterlocked-attitude”–is sisterlocks a hairstyle or a lifestyle? My two-cents… it is what it is. Nothing more. Nothing less.
To me, sisterlocks will be more than a hairstyle. It will not BE my lifestyle but would rather SUPPLEMENT my lifestye. I do not intend to make some sort of “statement” with my hair. It’s not some sort of natural hair pride thing or anything like that. Rather, I hope to enjoy living life to it’s absolute fullest. And if I can’t, it won’t be my hair that stops me.
The cost? I blogged about that already here. Don’t want to pay the hefty installation fee… find someone to do it for cheap. But just now, most times you pay for what you get.
And lastly, I love how much love sisterlock-istas (I made that up) show each other… holding meet-ups and conferences… I think it’s kind of exciting. But exclusionary at the same time. With sisterlocks, I look forward to having the support system to maintain the ‘do but will not go crazy with the sisterhood.


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