Sisterlocks vs. Relaxer, in terms of $$

The math is rough but here is how I break down the financials…

Currently, I relax my hair roughly every 8-9 weeks. I treat myself to a professional wash/set 4-5 weeks after a touch-up… but I typically end up getting a professional wash and set more often than that. For simplicity sake, we’ll say touch-up every 8 weeks, wash/set every other month.

Yearly Cost for Professional Hair Services to Maintain Relaxed Hair
Touch-Ups: 6 times/yr * $75 (average cost including tip and trim) = $450
Wash/Sets: 6 times/yr * $40 (average cost including deep conditioner and trim) = $240
Total Cost: $690 per year (not including the cost for the other unscheduled wash/sets)

The first year of sisterlocks will include the installation. Re-tightening will occur roughly every 6-8weeks depending on how fast the hair grows. I’ll use 6 weeks.

Estimated Year 1 Cost of Professional Hair Services to Install and Maintain Sisterlocks
Installation: 1 time charge *$500
Re-tightening: 7 times * 90 = $630
Total Cost for Year 1: $1130

Estimated Year 2 Cost of Professional Hair Services to Maintain Sisterlocks
Re-tightening: 8 times * 90 = $720
Total Cost for Year 2: $720

In my book, while sisterlocks will be a huge initial financial investment ($500), the yearly costs to maintain it are comparable to that of maintaining a relaxer. My yearly cost to maintain a relaxer only accounts for 6 professional wash/sets but I’m pretty confident that I’ve been getting about 8-9 wash/sets at the salon per year. Tack that cost on to the yearly total calculated above and I’ve superseded the estimated yearly costs to maintain sisterlocks.

Also, these calculations don’t include cost for home hair care items (shampoos, conditioners, etc). I’ve been much better at curbing my product junky-ism this year but, with sisterlocks, I expect to spend less and less on those types of things… then again, maybe I’ll just end up using that money for more hair accessories!

What are your thoughts? Share.


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