Sisterlocks: BF approved.

When I get excited about something, I get excited! I can barely contain myself in an “in between” phase… either I’m very excited. Or, I’m not. Simple. And, right now… I’m very excited.

I told my boyfriend about my decision to pursue around the same time I blogged for the first time about it (just a few days ago). He is excited along with me. He kind of gasped at the financial investment but I broke it down for him (and I will break it down here too in another post).

He also held his breath when I said it was permanent but I broke that thought down for him as well. I explained that nothing is “permanent-permanent”– unless I go bald due to some medical reason. The only hair… texture? type?… whatever that is truly free of permanency is natural hair that is free of locks or straightening procedures. HOWEVER, the moment someone locks or relaxes her hair, the results are, what I like to call, “semi-permanent.” (Those naturals who hot comb their hair frequently risk changing the texture of their hair– it no longer holds the same natural curl pattern even after wash– so those results become “semi-permanent” as well. My sister had this one patch of “straight” hair in her afro that always stood out.)

I like to call it “semi-permanent” because whether you are loc’d or relaxed, and as long as your hair is able to grow, you still have the option to go completely (or maybe “freely” is a better word?) natural again.

Just because my hair is relaxed does not mean that I am bound to have relaxed hair forever and a day. And, actually, a close friend of mine had dreads for YEARS and decided to have them removed. She was able to preserve some of her length (about chin length) and gets her natural hair pressed every once in a while.

So, I’ve thought about the semi-permanency of sisterlocks. Although it’s no easy feat, I am comforted knowing that should I grow tired of them (though I hope I don’t), I can do what I’m doing now… endure a tough transitioning period before a big chop.

I came across this blog which has become my sisterlock inspiration… the hair is perfect for ponytails, curls… all that:



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